The Floren Family | Breckenridge Summer Vacation Photos


March 27, 2022

When you’re trying to create timeless family portraits, especially mountain family portraits, it is important to choose the right tones, textures, and accessories when it comes to clothing for your family.

Often clients will ask us, “What should we wear for our session?!” We always try to encourage our clients to stay AWAY from matching outfits, and go with a more coordinated look. While matching jeans and turtlenecks were surely a thing in the past, we find most often that doing so “cuts” the image up, whereas choosing a color palette and alternating within that color wheel allows the eye to relax and is much more aesthetically pleasing. Coordinating, rather than matching, also allows the unique personalities of each family member to shine through! It is true that not everyone can look good in the same tones and clothing cuts, so use this to your advantage during your session by agreeing on a palette that serves everyone well, and feel free to add your own personal flare with different textures and accessories!

Maybe there’s one piece of clothing that someone in your family really wants to wear (like mom’s floral dress in this session), and then you can build around the color palette of that piece. Picking one to three colors, in the case of this family, blue and pink. The Floren’s coordinated their family of five perfectly with fun textures and differing styles, all based on mom’s outfit. Well done Floren’s family! They looked smashing for their summer family photos during their annual Breckenridge vacation.

We most often recommend pastel, Earth, and jewel tones. If you’re needing more inspiration, feel free to check out our pinterest inspiration board here.


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    Hi! Do you have any availability July 26th-29th in Breck? Thanks!

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